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We propose our fixed-term deposits in foreign currencies as the most suitable solution for those investors who seek to diversify when investing and at the same time want to achieve a return through fixed interest rates, regardless of movements in the financial markets.

We currently offer the following foreign currency term deposits:

Term Deposit TNA / TAE  Term  Interest Payment Investment
4,7500% / 4,75% 12 months At maturity $50.000 - $500.000
4,3403% / 4,25% 24 months At maturity $50.000 - $500.000
4,1621% / 4,00% 36 months At maturity $50.000 - $500.000

Valid until april 28th, 2024. 

Interest at maturity. Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España, may agree to early termination at the specific and individual request of the customer. In this case, the amount resulting from applying a variable penalty to the amount of the deposit in accordance with the investment period will be subtracted from the remuneration, without this deduction exceeding the amount of gross interest accrued since the start of the transaction.

In the event of early cancellation, a penalty of 100% of the interest generated up to that moment will be applied to all the promoted periods.

Product subject to exchange rate risk.

The deposits promoted on the WEB are exclusively for new contributions.

For further information, contact us by email or visit one of our main branches in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia on business days from 9am to 6:15pm.

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