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Banco Finantia's Portfolio Management is responsible for the administration of financial assets, in line with the risk profile and goals of each client, presenting solutions that best fit each particular context.

Our service is available through Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España and with the Investment Advisory service at Banco Finantia, Portugal.

We select the best products based on the independence that characterizes us. Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España has an open architecture structure, which allows us to take into account the demands and needs of our clients at all times.

We currently have three Managed Portfolios, depending on the level of volatility of each one:

- Banco Finantia Conservative: its main objective is to preserve the client's capital, seeking profitability without abusing the risk.

- Banco Finantia Moderate: assuming a higher risk than the conservative profile, we seek to maintain a balance that provides us with a return in line with it.

- Banco Finantia Decided: in the search for a more attractive return, we expose ourselves to greater volatility subject to fluctuations in the Fund Portfolio.

The volatility of each of the profiles indicates whether historically the net asset values of the funds that make up the portfolio have experienced significant variations or whether, on the contrary, they have evolved in a stable manner.

The team of qualified professionals is ready to provide you with all the relevant information and details.

For further information, we suggest that you consult one of our account managers who will identify the solution that best fits your investment strategy. Please contact us by email or visit one of our main branches in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

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