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About FinantiaNet

One-account only for all your investments

FinantiaNet is an electronic banking platform associated with Banco Finantia's Private Banking service.

You'll be able to access information about your assets quickly and securely, anywhere or anytime you see fit, from your computer or through an App installed on your smartphone.

With new features and a renewed design, Banco Finantia’s homebanking platform is free of charge and is even more practical, safe and functional allowing you to consult the balance and movements of the account as well as all the inherent documentation make national and international transfers, hire a fixed term deposit or consult and realise operations with our selection of investment funds, register beneficiaries, access Banco Finantia’s contacts and network of branches.

In addition to the features and operations available the APP has biometric validation of the identity in order to ensure greater security.



Hire your fixed term deposit, wherever you are

Download now and activate the FinantiaNet App from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the steps in the "About FinantiaNet" Guide available here.

Consult the General Conditions of Use here (Spanish version). 

What if I forget the access code?

You can easily retrieve it by clicking on “Retrieve the access code” on the FinantiaNet login page. You will be asked for your VAT Number, the date of birth and the phone number you registered when opening the account. Validate the reCaptcha security form. If the data is confirmed, a new access code will be sent to you by SMS.

How is confidentiality guaranteed?

The communication between your smartphone and Banco Finantia is encrypted and made through secure channels in order to ensure the confidentiality of your data. In addition, all transactions that affect your assets will be subject to additional validation, with an SMS code being sent to you, so that you can confirm in real time the veracity of the transaction.

How to recover a blocked access?

After three failed login attempts, FinantiaNet will need to be unlocked by selecting the Recover Access Code option on the initial screen. If you need assistance, your account manager will be available to assist you. You may also request assistance by calling 217 202 020, on weekdays, from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm.

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