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Security – Warning to the client

Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España does not send emails, SMS or other means of communication to its clients requesting account details or login data, so in no case should customers provide this data or introduce them in these circumstances. Customers should not respond to this type of communication, nor follow any links contained therein.

Customers should never disclose their account, login, and password data. The sites authorized by Banco Finantia can be consulted in the document "Sites Finantia" (pdf download), so the client must be aware and if he detects any other address that presents visual similarities, phonetic or denomination, must refrain from using it or the contacts indicated therein and immediately contact Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España through the usual channels.

To prevent fraudulent use of the Homebanking Service, you must take the following preventive measures:
a) keep the "Access Code" secret;
b) do not allow the use of your "Access Code" by third parties, even if they are mandated to do so;
c) to memorize the "Access Code", refrain from writing it;
d) not keep or register the "Access Code" in a way that may be intelligible or accessible to third parties. In case of loss, theft or loss of the "User" or "Access Code", the customer shall immediately notify Banco Finantia.

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