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Is Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España a safe bank?

Yes, Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España is part of the Banco Finantia Group, a banking group with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, specializing in Private Banking and Corporate & Investment Banking, with solidity and profitability rates above the Spanish and European average. In addition, Banco Finantia Group has been awarded prizes over the years and has a high rate of satisfaction from its clients.

When was Banco Finantia Group founded?

Banco Finantia Group started in 1987, as a financial services company. In 1988 it became an Investment Company and in 1992 a banking institution.

Is Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España portuguese?

Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España is a Spanish bank with its own banking licence to operate in the Spanish market independently. It belongs to the Banco Finantia Group which is of Portuguese origin and is part of a global organisation with a presence in Spain, the UK, the USA, Brazil and Malta.

What is the size of Banco Finantia Group?

As of march 31, 2024, it had approximately €2,423M of assets, more than €460M of equity and approximately 250 employees, on a consolidated basis.

About Term Deposits

How do I know if there is a risk in a Euro deposit?

Term deposits in euros have a risk of 1/6 on a scale of 1 to 6 established by the Bank of Spain. You can consult more information about these products in the characteristics indicated on our website and in the contracting process in all the documentation that we will provide you with.

Does the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGD) guarantee my capital?

The Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund guarantees the reimbursement of all deposits in each credit institution, up to a maximum of 100,000 euros per depositor or holder.

Are deposits at Banco Finantia covered by the guarantee provided by the FGD?

As one of the banks participating in the FGD, deposits made at Banco Finantia are covered by the guarantee provided by the FGD, under the terms of the FGD regulations.

What is the minimum amount for setting up a term deposit?

The minimum amount to constitute a deposit in Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España is 50,000 euros. Amounts between 25,000 and 49,999 euros are accepted but are subject to a lower TNA, you must confirm conditions with the Personal Banking department. These conditions may vary depending on the bank's commercial strategy.

In what currencies can term deposits be made?

Term deposits can be made in euros or dollars.

When is the interest generated by the term deposit paid?

Interest is generally paid on the due date of the deposit.

Where is the interest generated by the deposit paid?

The interest generated is credited to the current account associated with your savings product, thus becoming totally and immediately available to the customer.

Can I redeem a deposit at any time?

Yes, early termination is permitted, in whole or in part. If the mobilization of the capital occurs on the set payment maturity date there will be no penalty. At any other time, early termination implies a total or partial penalty over the interest relative to the mobilized capital.

Can interest on a term deposit be capitalized?

If the client so wishes, he may reinvest the interest generated by the savings products we offer in our institution.

Can I increase the amount of my current deposit?

No, it is not possible to increase the amount of an already opened deposit.

What tax should I consider as applicable to my term deposit?

The returns on the term deposit are considered to be capital returns and are subject to income tax at a rate of 19%. The system described above will not be an obstacle to the application of any of the double taxation agreements to nonresident entities in Spain.

Can I open a deposit account without coming to the bank?

Yes, there are several ways to sign up for deposits, you can do it via email and postmail.

Can I access my account information through Homebanking?

Access your account online, 24/7; if you have any incidents your Personal Banking Manager will be available to resolve them by phone.

What type of information is available via Homebanking?

Check balances, track recent trades and positions of your deposits, trade mutual funds, save and print bank documents, transfer money online securely up to a limit of 20,000 euros per day.

How can I change my primary address, phone number or email address?

Through the e-mail linked to the current account, or you can request in writing the modifications requested through your Personal Banking Manager.

Can I transfer funds to an international account?

Yes, you can.

Is it possible to make transfers without associated costs?

Yes, we offer an associated account service which allows you to make completely free transfers up to the value of 20,000 euros per day.

Can I order a transfer on a holiday, Saturday or Sunday?

Through your Electronic Banking account you can log in to your account and schedule transfers to a linked account of your choice, both on holidays and weekends. The transfer will be processed the next business day. If the transfer is scheduled to occur on a non-business day, it will be processed on the next business day. If you have any questions, please contact us, call: +34 91 557 23 00, from 9h00 to 18h00 on working days.


How can I open a deposit account?

To contract a deposit, you must open a current account which will have a purely transactional nature to constitute the deposit and is not subject to commissions as it is associated with a savings product (if the current account is not associated with a savings product at our bank it may involve commissions, please consult your Personal Banking Manager).

You can open an account in various ways in Madrid at Avenida Menéndez Pelayo, 67, in Barcelona at Paseo de Gracia, 8-10 2º 1ªA and in Valencia at Calle Colón, 60 8º A. You can also open an account online via email, telephone or post.

What documents are required for account opening?

The documentation required to open accounts is as follows:

- Identification card (DNI, NIE, Passport)
- Personal Information Form (Provided by the entity)
- Proof of Activity (e.g., payroll header, pension receipt...) for each of the holders.

Once the account is opened, you can then transfer the amount to make a Term Deposit.

Is it necessary to have some kind of bond to the bank?

It is not necessary to have an additional relationship with Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España to sign up for a savings product at our bank.

Can I have more than one holder on my account?

Yes, Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España´s accounts can indeed have multiple holders and authorized signatories.

How can I transfer the funds to my account?

By cheque or bank transfer or SEPA debit (subject to conditions to be consulted with the Personal Banking Manager with whom you make the arrangements).

Is there any commission on the checking account?

No, as long as there is a savings product associated with that account. If there is no associated savings product, a half-yearly commission of 25 euros will be paid (these details may vary so we recommend that you consult the Personal Banking department when you open the account or the bank's Fee Schedule available on our website).

Does the account have maintenance expenses?

No, it doesn't.

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