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Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España uses cookies on its sites to improve user experience and performance as described below.

Knowing the cookies

Cookies are small text files with relevant information that your access device (computer, mobile phone / smartphone or tablet) carries through the browser when a site is visited by the user.

The placement of cookies will not only help the site to recognize the user's device the next time he visits it, but it will often be essential for the operation of the site. The cookies used by Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España, on all its websites, do not collect personal information that allows the user to be identified. They store generic information, namely the form or place / country of access of the users and how they use the sites, among others. Cookies retain only information related to your preferences. Currently, Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España uses essential and functional cookies, which are fundamental to the proper functioning of the site, as well as analytical cookies that help improve the browsing experience. You do not currently use cookies to conduct marketing campaigns and the like. As soon as there are changes in the policy at this level, they will be reported in this area.

The user may at any time and through his or her browser, decide to be notified of the receipt of cookies, as well as to block their entry into their system.

Cookie Functionality

In general, cookies are used to improve the browsing experience of the user, increasing the speed and efficiency of response. They eliminate the need to repeatedly enter the same information and help determine that the advertising messages you see are relevant and fit your interests, ie the usefulness, interest, and number of uses of the sites.

Regarding the expiration date, the cookies used may be:

Permanent Cookies - They are stored on your access devices (computer, mobile phone / smartphone or tablet) at the browser level, and are used whenever the user visits the site again. In general, they are used to direct navigation according to the interests of the user, allowing Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España to provide a more personalized service.

Session Cookies - These are temporary cookies, generated and available until the end of the session. The next time the user accesses their browser, cookies are no longer stored. The information obtained allows you to manage sessions, identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.


Please be advised that by browsing this site, you are consenting to the use of these cookies.

Block the use of cookies

You may disable some or all of the cookies at any time. You must follow the instructions on the "Manage cookies use" page. By turning off cookies, the Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España website may not function properly or may result in the inability to access some of your areas and not allow the entire browsing experience.

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, under the menu option Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Settings. To find out more visit: and

If you use Firefox, under the menu option Tools, Options, Privacy, Cookies. To learn more visit:

If you use Chrome, in the Options section, Advanced Options, Privacy. To learn more:

If you use Opera, under the Security and Privacy option, you can configure the browser. To find out more visit:

Cookies in the opening of newsletters / emails

Newsletters / emails can, for statistical purposes, contain a small image that lets you know if they are open and check the clicks through links or ads within the newsletter. The user always has the possibility to deactivate the sending of the newsletter / email through the specific option in the footnote of the newsletter / email.

Changes in policy

This Cookie Policy may be modified at any time, particularly when there is any variation in the type of cookies used on the site. We therefore recommend that you review our policy each time you access our site to be properly informed about how and why we use cookies.

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