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Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España uses cookies on its sites to improve user experience and performance as described below. Knowing the cookies Cookies are small text files with relevant information that your access device (computer, mobile phone / smartphone or tablet) carries through the browser when a site is visited by the user. The placement of cookies will not only help the site to recognize the user's device the next time he visits it, but it will often be essential for the operation of the site. The cookies used by Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España, on all its...


Banco Finantia Is Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España a safe bank? Yes, Banco Finantia S.A. Sucursal en España is part of the Banco Finantia Group, a banking group with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, specializing in Private Banking and Corporate & Investment Banking, with solidity and profitability rates above the Spanish and European average. In addition, Banco Finantia Group has been awarded prizes over the years and has a high rate of satisfaction from its clients. When was Banco Finantia Group founded? Banco Finantia Group started in 1987, as a...

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